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 Welcome to Sojourner House


If you are in immediate danger and need emergency assistance, call 9-1-1. 


Sojourner House is a comprehensive domestic violence agency.  Every day, we serve victims of relationship violence by providing shelter, advocacy, referrals, and other resources.  In our mission to end violence, we also work in our surrounding communities to provide violence prevention education programs. We know that violence can happen in a cycle, and it is our mission to help interrupt and prevent that cycle from continuing. 

We recognize domestic violence as any form of violence (physical, emotional, verbal, digital, financial, sexual, and more) in any type of relationship.  We believe that no one deserves violence in a relationship.


Do You Need Assistance?

Consider talking to Sojourner House advocate.  Advocates assist victims of violence as they navigate their path towards a violence-free life.  Advocates make recommendations and connect victims with helpful resources, but most of all, advocates listen.  They do not judge, give advice, or pressure victims to make changes before they are ready.

Need a referral or resource?  Want to talk to an advocate?  Our confidential Help Line is always available.  Call us at:  401-765-3232.  Appointments are also available.



Sojourner Truth Painting by Linda Ruiz-Lozito

Get Involved!

We cannot do this work alone.  A strong network of volunteers, local businesses and professionals, survivors, student interns, and community partners make this work possible.

Explore our website for more ways to get involved.  Interested Volunteers and Interns should click here.  

If you're in a position to donate to Sojourner House, please click here.  Donations - large and small- keep us going.

If you're visiting our page from a local business or corportation, we'd love to tell you more about our sponsorship programs.  



  • Helplines

    If you are being abused or think you might be abused and would like to speak to someone who can listen and help, feel free to call us´╗┐...

  • Advocacy and Resource Center

    Click here to learn more about our Providence Drop-In Advocacy Center, where we offer individual advocacy, support groups, and more.

  • Shelter and Residential Services

    Our Safe Home has a total of eleven beds for women and children who need emergency shelter to escape abuse.

  • Support & Empowerment Groups

    We offer a number of support groups every week in Providence and Northern Rhode Island.

  • Sexual Health Advocacy

    Our program seeks to advocate for, support, and provide information to victims and survivors of abuse so they may take ownership of their bodies and sexualities.

  • Rapid HIV Testing

    We are proud to offer free, anonymous rapid HIV tests to our clients as well as others in the community wanting to know their current status. These tests are painless, fast, and crucial to staying safe. To make an appointment please call (401)-861-6191 ext 104. 

  • Latin@ Advocacy

    Sojourner House has a Latina Advocacy Program, the first program of its kind in Rhode Island´╗┐.  

  • Youth Programs

    Children of families residing in our Safe House and apartments can take advantage of youth-specific advocacy and activities.

  • Teen Dating Violence Prevention

    Sojourner House has been at the forefront in educating teens to recognize the warning signs of violence.

  • Past Services